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Jan Paul Schutten Medy Oberendorff
The forest comes to life in the astonishingly realistic drawings
Who doesn't love a beautiful forest? For example during a winter walk, on a crystal clear autumn morning with beautifully colored leaves or in the buzzing bustle of summer. There is always something to watch.

And then there is so much that we do not see. Because it is underground, very small or does not want to be seen at all. Wonderbos not only shows the beauty of the forests, but also all those things that we normally miss. While looking, browsing and reading you discover how special nature is. You will discover the exciting secrets that the forest usually hides from us. After that, a walk in the woods will never be the same again. When you're almost finished, you can browse it one more time. But now as a search book. Can you find all the hidden animals?

(signed by me if you like)