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Paksoi riso print blue/gray

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Paksoi riso print blue/gray

Unique risograph print from a pen illustration of a paksoi. Blue ink on dark grey 130grms matte A4 paper. Signed an dated.
Colours on the photo may differ a little from the original.

Risoprint is a durable printing technique with karatker, which in terms of result produces intensely colored prints. The Risograph itself looks a bit like a copier, but works on the same principles as screen printing. The machine prints with soy or rice oil based inks. As with screen printing, each color layer is printed individually.
Riso is very suitable for printing promotional printing, art prints and zines. The charm of the riso is characterized by the bright colors. Small imperfections and unpredictable precision of the color layers are typical risoprint.